Call Graph Filter

The Call Graph Filtering dialog box allows you to control what symbols participate in the call tree calculation.


This section controls what symbols are filtered out of the call tree.

Exclude Symbols

Click this button bring up the Exclude Call Graph Symbols list. You can add specific symbols to this list. If a symbol is in the exclusion list, then Source Insight will not expand the symbol in the call graph display.

Exclude C Macros

Check this to omit C function-like macros from the call graph. If this option is off, then function-like macros are expanded in the call graph as though they were an actual function.

Code Metric Filter

This section specifies the code metrics criteria for filtering out symbols. If enabled, symbols will only be included in the call graph is the symbols code metric value is within an acceptable range.

From the Code Metric Filter drop-down list, select the code metric that you want to use as the criteria, or select “None” if you don’t want to use this option.

Minimum value

A symbol must have a code metric value of this or greater to be included.

Maximum value

A symbol must have a code metric value of this or less to be included. If the value is set to –1, then there is no maximum.