Custom Parsing Expression

When you click the Add or Edit button in the Custom Parsing dialog box, the Custom Parsing Expression dialog box appears.

Regular expression pattern:

This text box contains the regular expression used to parse a symbol definition out of a file. The expression should contain one group. The group describes what part of the matching pattern is the symbol name. Using a custom pattern allows you to parse symbols out of files for which Source Insight has no built-in knowledge. For example, the following string parses sections out of .INI files like WIN.INI.


For more information, see “Regular Expressions”.

Finds this symbol type:

This pull-down list specifies what type of symbol is found by the parsing pattern. The list contains all of the possible symbol types. The symbol types are fixed and cannot be extended. The symbol type also determines the syntax formatting style used to display the symbol.

Styles for Custom Parsing Symbols

The symbol type specified for the custom parsing expression determines the style that will be used to display the symbol’s declaration and references. Each symbol type X has a corresponding “Ref to X” and “Declare X” style.

When a symbol definition is parsed, the corresponding “Declare…” style is used when displaying the symbol name. For example, if the symbol definition is a Function, then the function name will be displayed in the “Declare Function” style. See also “Style Properties”.