Basic Language Options

Each language has basic options that govern how Source Insight treats files with this language. Built-in languages, such as C/C++ have fewer options in this page than do custom languages.

Contains program source code

If checked, then Source Insight will consider this a programming language. Certain features are altered when a programming language is used, as opposed to a simple textual language. For instance, references to declared symbols are displayed in the “Ref to …” styles.

Case sensitive text

This indicates whether the language is case sensitive or not. This affects how keywords are matched, as well as how symbols names are resolved in the symbol lookup engine.

Uses C preprocessor

If checked, then Source Insight will recognize #if and #ifdef preprocessor directives.

Allow smart tab

If checked, then the Smart Tab feature will be enabled when editing this type of language. If not checked, then Smart Tab will perform like a simple tab.

Use Syntax Formatting

If checked, then Syntax Formatting will be used when displaying files in this language.

Detect comment styles

If checked, then special comment styles will be detected. See also “Comment Styles”.

Non-AlphaNum identifier chars

This text box contains the set of all valid non-alpha-numeric identifier characters. Alpha-numeric strings are always considered identifiers.

Detect numbers

If checked, then numbers found in the text are formatted with the “Number” style. The check boxes following this enable special number formats for hex and octal numbers.