Special Language Options

When you click the Special button in the Preferences: Languages dialog box, the Special Language Options dialog box appears. This dialog box controls special options for built-in languages.

C/C++ Options

Ignore namespace declarations

If checked, then namespace declarations are simply ignored in C++ code. All symbols declared within the namespaces are considered at the file scope, as though you did not write the namespace declaration.

If not checked (the default), then symbols declared within namespaces are considered in the namespace scope.

Parse standard COM macros

If checked, then the standard COM helper preprocessor macros, such as STDMETHOD, are recognized and parsed. Note that if you already have entries for these macros in your c.tom token macro file, then this option has no effect.

Java Options

Ignore package declarations

If checked, then package declarations in your Java files are ignored. Any symbols declared after the package statement are considered in the “global” package scope. That is, they are all in the same virtual package.

If not checked (the default), then any symbols declared after a package statement are considered in that package scope.

HTML and Scripts Options

Default script language

You can specify the default script language to use in HTML and ASP files with this control. The default script language is only used if another language is not specified in the script.