Jump To Definition

The Jump To Definition command takes the symbol from the first word in the current selection and jumps to its definition. The Go Back and Go Forward commands are useful for going back and forth between all your jumping spots.

To use this command:

5. Select within the symbol name as it appears in a source file.

6. Type Alt+= to jump to the actual symbol definition.

Mouse Shortcut

In the default configuration, you can also use the mouse to easily invoke this command. Pointing at a symbol in a file and performing Ctrl+Left Click performs the Select Word command. Ctrl+Left Double-Click then performs the Jump To Definition command.

To use this command with the mouse, point and double-click at the symbol name with the left mouse button while holding the Ctrl+key down.

Opening Header Files

You can also use the Jump To Definition command when the cursor is in a file name, such as in an #include statement to open the file.