Edit Condition Dialog box

Edit Condition Set

Selects which condition set you want to affect. This is either the project-specific, or the global list. Any changes you make to the condition’s value are put into the list you select here.


The name of the condition variable.


The value of the condition. Typical values are 0 (zero) to indicate “False”, or 1 to indicate “True”. However, you can give the variable any value. If you leave the value empty, then Source Insight will ignore conditional preprocessor directives that refer to this variable.

Set False

Click this to set the Value field to 0 (zero).

Set True

Click this to set the Value field to 1.


Click this to empty the Value field. When the Value field is empty, Source Insight assumes you don’t want to specify the value of the condition variable. If you don’t specify a value, then preprocessor statements like #if are ignored if they refer to this variable. This is the default case for any conditional variables encountered.

Edit List

Click this to go to the Conditional Parsing dialog box, which displays all the defined conditions. The list you get to edit depends on which one is selected in the Edit Condition Set control.