The Bookmark command can be used to add and remove bookmarks, as well as to move to the location of an existing mark. Bookmarks are part of the current workspace.


Type the name of the bookmark here. Source Insight checks to see if the mark you typed matches an existing bookmark name. If it does, then the Go To button become the default button. Pressing Enter will position you to that mark. If the bookmark you’ve just typed does not exist, then the Set button becomes the default button. Pressing Enter will create a new bookmark.

Marks list

Displays a list of all the bookmarks currently set. Each item in the list shows the bookmark’s name, the file it’s in, and the line number it’s on. When you select an item in the Marks list, the mark name is loaded into the Name text box.

Go To

Click this button to jump to the mark that is selected in the Marks list.


Click this button to create a new bookmark. The mark’s name is taken from the Name text box. If the bookmark name is already in the list (i.e. it already exists), then its position will be redefined.


Click this button to delete the selected marks.