Activate Menu Commands

Activate Edit Menu

Activate File Menu

Activate Help Menu

Activate Option Menu

Activate Project Menu

Activate Search Menu

Activate View Menu

Activate Window Menu

Activate System Menu

Activate System Doc Menu

The Activate Menu commands activate and “drop down” the menu from the menu bar.

You can also just press and release the Alt key to activate the Source Insight menu bar, then just type a letter to activate the corresponding menu. For example, Alt <release> F activates the File menu.

Source Insight does not force you to follow the Windows standard where Alt+<menu letter> is hard wired to activating that menu. That’s because Alt is too good a key to waste on only the menus! Instead, Source Insight allows you to combine Alt with any character and assign it to any command by using the Key Assignments command. If you want to make Alt+F activate the File menu, for example, you can just make that key assignment. If you want to make F1 activate the File menu, you can do that too!