Background Tasks

Source Insight performs a number of tasks in the background, including the following:

It parses files and updates the Symbol Window contents for all open source windows.

It checks for finished Custom Commands.

If Background Synchronization is enabled, then it synchronizes all the files in the project, possibly adding new ones in the process.

It synchronizes the Context Window with the current text selection.

It synchronizes the Relation Windows with the current text selection.

It checks for and reloads open files that are modified outside of Source Insight by other programs.

Usually there is nothing to do, in which case Source Insight sleeps and uses little or no processor cycles.

Source Tips

Sets the level of information provided by pop-up source tip windows. Source tip windows appear when you hover the mouse cursor over a symbol identifier for a few seconds.

Crash Recovery Options

Recovery: Update recovery file every NNN seconds

Specifies how often Source Insight will update the crash recovery file. The default value is 15 seconds. The recovery file is only updated when there have been edits since the last time it was updated. The recovery update is very fast and you probably will not even notice anything being saved. You will never be interrupted to save the recovery file. You should keep this interval short.

Project File Synchronization

Synchronize on start-up

If checked and background synchronization is turned on, then Source Insight will check file time-stamps right away every time you start Source Insight or open a new project. When files are found to be out of date with respect to the project, Source Insight marks the files for re-synchronizing. Later, the files will be rescanned and synchronized in the background.

Add new files automatically

If enabled, then before synchronizing all the files, Source Insight will add new files in the project’s source directory and in all subdirectories, recursively. However, only directories that already have project files in them are scanned. Directories that are not descendants of the project source directory are not scanned. This feature allows you to simply add new files to your project directories on disk, such as with a source control system, and then have Source Insight add those new files to your Source Insight project automatically.

Background project synchronization every NNN minutes

If enabled, then Source Insight will perform the actions of the Synchronize File command in the background, while you edit. You typically will not have to run the Synchronize Files command at all if this option is enabled.

NNN specifies how often the project files should be examined to determine if files need re-synchronizing. When this period expires, Source Insight checks the file time-stamps and begins the synchronization process in background.

Use stricter confirmation dialog

If checked, then when Source Insight confirms an operation, you will be required to type “yes” to confirm it.

Keep dialogs on the same monitor as the main window

If checked, then dialog boxes will be forced onto same monitor as the main Source Insight application window. If not checked, then Source Insight remembers the positions of dialog boxes, regardless of what monitor they were on.

Enable event handlers

If checked, then macro event handlers are enabled. For more, see Chapter 7 "Macro Event Handlers" on page 345.