File Format Compatibility with Older Versions

Version 3.5 is able to open version 2.x project files and some other files, however not all information is copied, and some indexing has to be recreated.

Version 2.x File

How Version 3.5 Handles It

Project Files – *.PR

Version 3.5 opens the project and converts it into version 3.5 format. This requires re-indexing the symbol database and may take a little while. When it is finished, you can start looking up symbols. However, it still requires re-parsing the whole project later, either in the background, or using the Project > Synchronize Files command. The nice thing about this conversion is that you don’t have to re-add your source files from scratch.

Version 2.1 can open a version 3.5 format project, but it will down-convert it again to 2.1 format, which again requires re-indexing the symbol database.

If you plan to switch between v 2.x and v 3.5 a lot, it will probably be easier to maintain two separate projects – one in each format.

Note that v 3.5 projects have a few more files associated with them, and some extensions have changed. Each project is now made up of the following file extensions: .PR, .PS, .PO, .PFI, .PRI, .IMB, .IMD, .IAB, .IAD

Configuration Files - *.CF

Version 3.5 can open version 2.x configuration files, however the file format is not downward compatible. The default extension has changed from .CF to .CF3 to make it easier to use v 2.x and v 3.5 together. After you install v 3.5, you can use the Options > Load Configuration command to find your old .CF file (normally it’s called Global.CF and it is in the version 2.x program directory).

Display options stored in a v 2.x configuration file are not converted, but other customizations, like key assignments and menu assignments, are converted.

Note that v 3.5 now saves the configuration changes automatically, whereas v 2.x used to prompt you when you exited.

Workspace Files - *.WK

Version 3.5 cannot read version 2.x workspace files. Previous 2.x sessions will not be restored when you open them in v 3.5.

Recovery Files - *.RCV

Version 3.5 cannot read version 2.x recovery files. If you had a version 2.x session that crashed and you want to recover it, you must use version 2.x to perform the recovery first.

Project List File – Projects.DB

The project list file name has changed to Projects.DB3 to avoid conflicts with version 2.x.

sihook program component

The sihook.exe program has changed and has been renamed to sihook3.exe to avoid conflicts.