Using Version 3 and Version 2 Together

You can use both version 3.5 and version 2.x together on the same machine. They each use separate registry settings and should not conflict. However, you should follow these guidelines:

If you currently have version 2.x installed on your machine, you should install version 3.5 into a different directory than version 2.x

Don’t run instances of version 2.x and version 3.5 at the same time.

Creating separate projects for version 3.5 is recommended, although the project files are somewhat upward and downward compatible.

You can open a version 2.x project, but you will have to click the Browse button in the Open Project dialog box to locate the old .PR file yourself. If you installed version 3.5 in a new directory (recommended), then version 3.5 will have no foreknowledge of the old projects already created.

You can open your old configuration file with the Options > Load Configuration command. Point to your old 2.x directory and your old *.CF file. Note that new configuration files have a .CF3 file extension.