Per-User Data Folder

The per-user data location has changed with version 3.5. Per-user data are now stored inside the Source Insight subfolder of the My Documents folder. Within the Source Insight folder, there are separate folders:

Projects Folder - The default location for project data files. By default, each project you create will be contained in a separate subfolder of the Projects folder.

Settings Folder - Contains your configuration settings files. Your old configuration file will be copied here.

Backup Folder - Contains the backup source files created when you save a file.

Projects\NetFramework Folder - If installed, this contains the NetFramework project. This project contains symbols for the .Net Framework class library used by Source Insight.

Projects\Base Folder - this contains the Base project. Thus, all users have their own version of the Base project.

By keeping user data under My Documents, your data are secure and private, and you are guaranteed to have write access to it.