Improved Editing and Display Features

Editing and display features are greatly improved in version 3.0.

Syntax Formatting provides a vastly improved display capability, including full rich text formatting with user defined styles. Source Insight applies styles automatically based on lexical information. Syntax Formatting includes:

Function, class, and variable declaration styles, in addition to others.

Several rich “comment” styles.

Styles for references to different types of symbols such as locals, parameters, globals, macros, functions, etc.

Auto-annotations and special Syntax Decorations.

Auto symbol name completion while you type.

Incremental search.

New context-sensitive Smart Rename command renames a symbol in all the appropriate contexts. You can rename local variables instantly.

Saving a file preserves its undo and change history, and displays two-stage revision marks.

Line number display.

Visible page-breaks and page numbers.

Visible right-margin.

User defined “Work” menu.

Improved file handling during save operations.

Miscellaneous improvements to the UI, including:

Better window docking.

Customizable fonts and colors for all windows.

Dialog box position memory.

Multiple selection lists.

Improved toolbars.