Improved Language Features

Language specific features, such as parsing and symbol lookup, have changed significantly in version 3.0. Some of the changes include:

The context-sensitive symbol lookup engine can track class and struct members, and decode class inheritance dynamically without compiling. Version 2.1 does not track field members or inheritance.

Supports nested C++ and Java classes and structures.

Supports C++ class and function templates.

Supports C++ namespaces.

Supports interpolated C structs and unions (i.e. inlined structures).

Supports C++ template classes and functions.

Supports anonymous structs and unions.

User definable token substitution macros can replace source code tokens upstream of Source Insight’s parsers so it can handle variations in keywords and preprocessor usage.

User definable compile-time constants used for marking #ifdef branches active or inactive.

Code metrics.

New built-in language parsing and display support:

Perl and PerlScript

Visual Basic and VBScript

JavaScript and JScript

HTML, ASP, and JSP with embedded script.

C# (C Sharp)

User-defined custom language support.