Creating Common Projects

Source Insight will ask you at this point if you want to create common projects.

In order for Source Insight to provide symbol completion, and other symbolic features for standard libraries, such as the C Runtime, or Java standard packages, you need to setup separate projects for those libraries. Source Insight will resort to searching these projects if a symbol cannot be found in your current project.

For each common project, you are asked to locate the directory where the corresponding files are located on your disk. If you installed the source code for your libraries on your disk, then you can take advantage of Source Insight to use the source code as a basis for the projects. For instance, you might click on a call to the function strtok in the C Runtime Library, and Source Insight will locate the source code for strtok.

The projects that you create at this point are automatically added to the project symbol path. Later, if you want to change that path, run the Preferences: Symbol Lookups command (Options menu) to edit it. You can always create projects later and add them to the path.

See also “Setup Common Projects”.