Source Insight – version 4.0.0086

Source Insight

Version 4.0.0086 - April 27, 2017

Fix: Several errors fixed that can happen if your Windows user name contains Japanese or Chinese text, or any non-ANSI characters. This could cause error messages about not being able to create the project list, or open a project.

Fix: Lookup References: was not finding results if the string you entered was not a declared symbol name. For example, a word inside a comment. This was different than in version 3.5.

Fix: C++: In function declarations, using the pure virtual syntax "= 0" after certain keywords caused the function to not get recognized.

Fix: C++: Parsing error for Lambda functions with omitted parameter lists. Eg: [ capture-list ] { body }

Fix: Code Snippets: Sometimes when a snippet was inserted, the indentation was incorrect.

Fix: Bugs fixed in the Intelligent Paste function, which is supposed to paste new lines at the correct indent level.

Change: Now signed with a new Authenticode code-signing certificate.