Source Insight – version 4.0.0085

Source Insight

Version 4.0.0085 - April 5, 2017

Fix: Using the mouse: Ctrl+Left-Click was not performing Jump To Definition correctly. This happened if you imported v 3.5 configuration key bindings.

Fix: Crash could happen while synchronizing a project. The crash happened while parsing code with syntax errors declaring class template parameters.

Fix: Was not remembering the height of the Context Window and other panels that were docked to the side or bottom edge of the application window.

Fix: Custom Commands: Crash could happen depending on the length of the "Run" command line string.

Fix: In macro files, macros were not working if you used comments using /* and */ delimiters.

Fix: Updated style for "Delimiters". Removed the "print together with next line" property, which caused bad page breaks.

Fix: Style Properties: If you add a new user-defined style, its settings were not restored on the next launch of Source Insight.

Fix: Style Properties: If you selected Pick... under Font Name, then canceled, the current font was messed up.

Fix: Directory Compare: When the Comparison Method was set to "compare file contents", it was not doing that if the file time stamps were different. Now if you choose that method, the time stamps are completely ignored.

Fix: Fixed typo in the description of the "Smart Beginning of Line" command.

Fix: Memory leak fixed that happened when configuration files were loaded.

Security Change: All the program files included in the Source Insight installation are now signed using the Authenticode code signing certificate for Source Dynamics. Previously, only the setup program was signed. To see if a program file is signed correctly and not tampered with, right-click on the .exe file in Windows Explorer and select Properties. Click the Digital Signatures tab. You should see the Source Dynamics signature in the list. Select it and click Details to drill down and see the signature and certificate information.