Source Insight – version 4.0.0082

Source Insight

Version 4.0.0082 - Feb 20, 2017

Fix: Files encoded with non-Unicode code pages were not displayed correctly. There are new commands on the File menu to open, reload, and save files using a specific encoding. This affects files that use Japanese Shift-JIS, Chinese Big5, and other code pages. If you open a file and the encoding looks incorrect, please select File > Reload As Encoding and choose the correct encoding. See: File Encodings

New: In Options > Preferences: Files: A new option was added for "default file encoding". Source Insight assumes this character encoding when opening non-Unicode files, or when saving new files the first time.

Fix: The Input Method Editor (IME) was not working to insert characters and symbols.

Fix: In panel windows (such as the Project Symbol List), the list was not auto-completed if you pasted text from the clipboard.

Fix: Alt+G was not activating the Project Symbol List panel.

Fix: Custom Commands: error or crash could happen if you disabled both "Capture Output" and "Paste Output".

Fix: When saving a file to a network drive, you could get an erroneous message that the file has changed outside of Source Insight.

Fix: Temp files were not getting cleaned up and deleted in some cases.

Fix: Crash could happen if you used the Context Window, opened the file displayed in the context window, edited it, then closed the file without saving.

Fix: Python: was not handling the line-continuation back-slash at the end of lines.

Fix: File Compare window: some key commands were not working.