Source File Windows

Each file you open will display in a separate source file window. Source Insight is a Tabbed Multiple-Docu­ment-Interface (MDI) application. Each source file window has a symbol window on the left side. You can hide this window if you like.



When you open a source file, it appears in its own source file window. This window is where you do all of your regular editing. File window tabs appear above the main source file area.

When you open a file that has a language attached, a Symbol Window will be attached to the left side of the source file window. You can control whether a Symbol Window is used by selecting File Types And Options and setting the Use symbol window check box accordingly. See: File Type Options.

Below is a source file window, which has a symbol window attached to the left side, and the optional Over­view Scroller control on the right edge of the source window.