Panel Windows

Panel windows are tool windows that can float in front of the main application window, and they can be docked to various places along the main window. By dragging a floating window to an edge of the main win­dow, you can dock it to the main window. Panel windows can float outside the application window, or even on another monitor.

Below is an example of the Snippet Window floating in front of the main application window. The Snippet Window is an example of a floating window that stays in front of the main Source Insight window. You can also dock it to the edge of the program window.



Panel windows have a sticky behavior when you move them close to each other, or the edge of the Source Insight application window. They will snap to the edge of a neighboring window, and they will automatically resize if an adjacent panel window is resized.

The docked and floating layout of all the panel windows is saved in a layout file. You can quickly load differ­ent panel layouts by selecting View > Load Layout..., or clicking one of the A-D layout buttons in Layout tool­bar:




The panel windows are: