SymbolChildren (symbol)

Returns a new symbol list handle containing the children of the given symbol. The children of a symbol are the symbols declared within the body of the symbol. For example, the children of a class are the class mem­bers.

symbol contains a Symbol record.  See: Symbol Record.

You should call SymListFree to free the symbol list handle returned by SymbolChildren.

You can use the Symbol List functions to access the symbol list returned by this function.


This example looks up the definition of a symbol and displays its children:

symbolname = Ask("What symbol do you want to locate?")

symbol = GetSymbolLocation(symbolname)

if (symbol == nil)

   Msg (symbolname # " was not found")



   hsyml = SymbolChildren(symbol)

   cchild = SymListCount(hsyml)

   ichild = 0

   while (ichild < cchild)


      childsym = SymListItem(hsyml, ichild)

      Msg (childsym.symbol # " was found in "

         # childsym.file # " at line " # childsym.lnFirst)

      ichild = ichild + 1