Compatibility With Old Versions of Source Insight

If you have used older versions of Source Insight, for example version 3.x, you may find the topics in this sec­tion useful.

You can use both Source Insight version 4 and version 3 together on the same machine. They each use sepa­rate files and Windows Registry settings, so they will not conflict. The project data file formats are different, but file extensions are different so they should not conflict.

Opening Projects from Version 3

To open an old version 3.x project, select Project > Open Project... and click the Browse button to locate the old project .PR file. The old project will be copied into the new format. The original version 3 project will remain unmodified.

Importing Configuration Settings from Version 3

Source Insight looks for an older version when you first install and run it. If it finds an old configuration file, it will prompt you to import the settings.

To import version 3 configuration settings at any time, select Options > Load Configuration, and navigate to your version 3 configuration file. It is usually stored here:

C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\Source Insight\GLOBAL.CF3\

where C: is your system drive letter, and <user-name> is the account user name.