The Configuration File

Source Insight maintains a configuration file called config_all.xml, stored in the Settings subdirectory of your Source Insight user directory. (Typically Documents\Source Insight 4.0\Settings.) You don't need to load or save this file yourself. That is done automatically. It is saved whenever you make any change to a configuration setting.

Configuration files contain multiple parts for different types of options. Here are some of the things stored in the configuration:

When you make changes to your settings via a dialog box setting, or load new configurations, the configura­tion file on disk is updated too.

The config_all.xml file contains sections for each part of the configuration. When you load or save a con­figuration file, you can specify what parts are loaded or saved.

Each user that logs in and runs Source Insight gets a user data directory inside the Documents\Source Insight 4.0 folder. Therefore, each user on a particular machine will have their own preferences stored separately.

It is wise to keep a backup copy of your global configuration file, which will end up containing all your customi­zations. Once you use the Load Configuration command, or make a change to the customization settings inside Source Insight, the configuration file will be changed automatically.

It is also a good idea to make a backup copy if you update your Source Insight software. Often, newer builds of Source Insight will be compatible with older configuration files, but not the other way around. If you should wish to revert to an older build of the software, it is best to use an older configuration file.