Symbols and Language Parsing

One of Source Insight’s most important strengths is its static analysis of source code while you edit. Its lan­guage parsers determine where symbols are defined in your project, and where they are used. It displays source code with syntax formatting based on that analysis.


Source Insight uses a language abstraction to encapsulate the properties of various programming languages. For a given file buffer, the file's name determines its file type. The file type determines its language parser. The Options > File Type Options dialog box is used to associate a file type with a file extension and a lan­guage. For example, the Java Source File file type uses the *.java file filter to associate Java files with that file type. Further, the Java Source File file type specifies the Java Language parser. See: File Type Options.

To see a list of the currently supported languages, use the Options > Preferences: Languages dialog box.   New languages are added to the list from time to time in program updates. See: Language Options.

Languages in Source Insight are divided into two categories: Built-In, and Custom.