Source Control

Source Insight is designed to work well in team programming situations. As team programmers contribute to the code base, Source Insight automatically recognizes their contributions and updates its symbolic informa­tion. Moreover, as large amounts of new code are added to a project, or moved from module to module, you will appreciate Source Insight's ability to keep track of everything for you.

Using Source Control in Source Insight

Source Insight has a few predefined Custom Commands built-in to handle common source control opera­tions. You can invoke them by using the source control toolbar. For example, there are "Check Out" and "Check In" commands. The general meaning of the source control commands is summarized in the next sec­tion.

Source Insight works best if each team member has their own local copies (or code repositories) of the proj­ect source files on their own local machine. This provides the best performance and reliability.