Selection Shortcuts

Source Insight provides many short cuts for selecting meaningful objects within your source code.

Source Insight has a "selection bar" area in the left margin of each source file window. Many shortcuts involve clicking in the selection bar.

Selecting Whole Words

Simply double-click on a word to select the whole word. You can drag out a selection in this mode to select whole words.

Selecting Whole Functions or Symbols

To select a whole function, struct, or other type of symbol, simply double-click in the selection bar area of a source file window. If you hold the mouse button down and drag, Source Insight will select whole functions or symbols as you drag.

You can also use the Select Symbol command to select the symbol that encloses the current text selection.

The Symbol Window (on the left of the source file window) also can be used to select whole symbols. Double-clicking on any entry in the list will select the symbol.

Selecting Matching Parentheses and Blocks

To select to the matching brace or parentheses, double-click on any parentheses, square brace, curly brace, or double-quote mark. Source Insight selects up to its match. The Select Match command (Alt+equal) also selects up to the matching brace or parentheses.

Selecting the Enclosing Block

The Select Block command (Ctrl+minus) selects the enclosing block. An enclosing block is one that is sur­rounded by either a parentheses, square brace, or curly brace. If you repeat this command, it will select the next outer-most block.

Selecting a Whole Line

To select a whole line of text, simply click in the selection bar. A whole line of text will be selected. If you hold the mouse button down and drag, whole lines will be selected. The Select Line command (Shift+F6) also selects a whole line.

Selecting the Whole File

To select the whole file, hold down the Ctrl key and click the mouse in the left margin. Or, use the Select All (Ctrl+A) command.

Selecting a Paragraph of Text

For files that do not have a language parser attached (See File Type Options), you can double-click in the selection bar to select a whole paragraph of text.

A paragraph is defined as a group of text lines surrounded by blank lines.

Selecting Between Lines

Source Insight allows you to select in between lines by providing a wedge shaped cursor when the cursor is near the start of a line and slightly above or below it. When you click at that point with the mouse, Source Insight selects the space between the lines. If you start typing, Source Insight automatically inserts a line break first. This is a handy way to insert a new line.