Previewing Files and Source Code

The Context window is used to quickly preview files and other things without having to open them. For exam­ple, if the Project File List panel is in front, the Context window previews the currently selected file.



Figure 3.12  The Context window is previewing the file selected in the Project File List panel.

The Context window previews the following types of objects:

Context window Results

To summarize, the Context window does the follow:

Your Action

Context window Result

Selecting (clicking) on an identi­fier in a source file window

Shows symbol definition based on context.

If more than one symbol matches, the Context window will show a list of matches.

If the symbol is an instance of a class or data structure, then the class or data structure declaration is shown.

Selecting a symbol in the Project Symbol List

Shows the symbol’s definition.

Selecting an item in the Relation Window

If the item is a reference to a symbol, then it shows the place where the reference or call occurs. Otherwise it shows the definition of the selected symbol.

Typing in a source file window

If the auto-completion feature is enabled, then it shows the declaration of the selected item in the auto-completion list

Selecting a bookmark in the Bookmark Window

Shows the location of the bookmark.

Selecting a clip in the Clip Win­dow

Shows the clip contents

Selecting an item in the Snippet Window

Shows the body of the selected snippet.

Selecting an item in the Window List (list of open file windows)

Shows the contents of the file window.

Typing or selecting an item in the symbol window pane of a source file window

Shows the symbols definition.