Predefined Path Variables

Predefined path variables are path variables that set to some of the most commonly used folders. You can use path variables in several option dialogs, such as the Project Settings dialog. Path variables are not case sensitive.

Table 3.12: Predefined Path Variables




The current user’s roaming application data folder.


The Windows desktop folder.


The current user’s non-roaming application data folder.


The current user’s documents folder.


Folder that contains the Source Insight program.


The Windows Program Files folder. Eg. C:\Program Files


The 32-bit Program Files folder. Eg. C:\Program Files (x86)


The current project’s data directory, which contains the data files maintained by Source Insight.


The current project’s source directory root, which is set in Proj­ect Settings.


The simple name of the current project, with no extension or path.


The public or shared Windows document folder.


The current user’s Source Insight document folder. This is typi­cally C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\Source Insight 4.0


The temp file directory where Source Insight creates temp files.


The Windows directory.