Normalized File Names

When Source Insight displays a file name and the file is part of a project, it arranges the name and path to make it easier to see and select the base file name without all the directory paths getting in the way. This pro­cess is called normalizing the file name. This is an important feature because many projects have files spread out across multiple subdirectories; and "flattening" out the directory tree makes it easy to type and select the most significant part of file names.

A normalized file name always begins with the leaf file name, and it's followed by the directory path in paren­theses. Furthermore, the directory path shown is relative to the project's source directory, unless the file is on a different drive. If the file is on a different drive, or not part of the project source directory tree, then the full path is displayed in parentheses.

If you prefer not to see file names normalized in the Project Window, you can turn it off by using the Project Window Properties command and checking the File Directory box to add a separate column to the list for the directory name.

Here are some examples using the game project discussed above:

If the file path is:

The file name is displayed as:




file.c (core)


file.c (io)


file.c (core\enemy)


file.c (presentation)


file.c (C:\SomeDir)


file.c (D:\OtherDir)