Name Fragment Matching Symbol Names

Name Fragment indexing and matching is a feature that helps you find symbols, even if you are not sure what the symbol's name is. For APIs that maintain consistent naming conventions, you can use name fragment matching to find all symbols relevant to a particular topic. By typing a meaningful partial name, you will be able to narrow your search to related items. For example, by just typing "Win", you can see all "Win" related functions.

Name Fragment matching also works in most type-in boxes that are associated with lists; not just symbol lists.

A name fragment (or word fragment) in a symbol or file name is a series of two or more characters that start with a capital letter. It can also be a series of capital letters. Here are some examples:

Symbol Name

Name Fragments


Create and Window


Open and HTML


HTML and Open


Open and Doc


Vip32 and Test


open and file


For example, the symbol name "CreateWindow" has two name fragments: "Create" and "Window". Source Insight indexes both name fragments so that you can browse for the symbol by typing "Cre" or "Win" or any combination, and in any order. Each name fragment is prefix matched by what you type.

You can browse symbols this way using the Project Window symbol and file list. This also works in the text box above the symbol window pane on the left side of each source window.

In addition, all lists in Source Insight that are matched with a text box have this standard ability as well.