Java Symbols

When editing Java files, Source Insight can perform symbol completion for the standard Java runtime librar­ies. This is accomplished by importing symbols from the Java jar files on your machine.

To import the Java runtime symbols, use the Project > Import External Symbols command, or use the Prefer­ences: Symbol Lookups dialog box and click the Import Symbols button.  

To import Java runtime symbols:

1.In the Options > Preferences: Symbol Lookups dialog box, click the Import Symbols button.  

2.In the Import External Symbols dialog box, click on the Add... button. Click next on Import a Java jar file. Navigate to the jar file that contains the runtime library. This is typically in a location like C:\Pro­gram Files (x86)\Java\jre6\lib\rt.jar. Select the jar file and click Open.  

3.The jar file will be scanned and symbol declarations will be extracted into a special project called an import library. This may take a few minutes since the jar file is large.

Now, auto-complete should work for the packages that have been imported into the Java source file using the import statement.