Context window

The Context window is a Source Insight innovation that automatically provides relevant information while you are viewing and editing your source code. It is a floating, dock-able panel window that displays contex­tual information while you type or click on things. For example, if you click on a function call, the Context window will display the function’s definition. If you click on a variable, the Context window will decode its declaration to show you its base structure or class type.

The Context window works in conjunction with other panel windows to enhance those windows functional­ity. For example, the Context window automatically displays files selected in the Project File List, symbols in the Project Symbol List, and other types of previews.




Figure 3.11  The Context window on the bottom shows the declaration of the selected symbol.

You can toggle the Context window on and off by selecting View > Panels > Context window.

The following sections describe typical use cases for the Context window.