Active Server Page Scripts

The Active Server Page (ASP) File Type, which uses the Active Server Page language parser, supports HTML with embedded server-side scripts, plus client-side script elements. Script blocks will appear using the syn­tax formatting appropriate for whatever scripting language is used. Symbols defined in the scripts are also displayed in the symbol window, and are saved in the symbol database.

You can specify the default scripting language to use in HTML or ASP in the Options > Preferences: Languages dialog box. Click on the Special button and select the default language where it says "Default script lan­guage".

Source Insight supports embedded ASP script using the start token <% and the end token %>. Source Insight parses both the script and the HTML. Source Insight supports script sections embedded anywhere within the HTML, just as the web server does.

To populate the symbol information, Source Insight parses multiple streams from the same file: one for the server side ASP script, and one for the client side HTML. In addition, the client side may contain script ele­ments. The Active Server Page parser brokers HTML and server-side script to different languages, depending on the language specified in the ASP file.