Window Tab Options

This controls options for the window tabs that appear above the source file windows.




Use window tabs

Select this to display the window tabs.

Show path information in tabs

When enabled, tabs shows directory path information for any file not in the project source root directory. For example, if file.c is a file in the util\fileman subdirectory of the project source root, then the tab will show file.c (util\fileman)

If not enabled, then tabs only show a simple file name without directory information. This allows more tabs to fit in the same space.

Tab Sorting

This controls the order of tabs from left to right.

Most recent on left

Select this to keep the tabs for files you have visited recently on the left side. Every time you select a different file window, that new "current window" tab will be moved to the left-most tab position.

Tab name

Select this to sort the tabs alphabetically by file name. Depending on the width of the main window, only so many tabs will fit. Therefore, only tabs for files you have visited recently are shown in the tab bar, and they are sorted alphabetically.