Symbol Lookup Options

Sets options for the way Source Insight looks up symbol definitions. This command activates the Symbol Lookups page of the Preferences dialog box.



Parse locally before lookup

Source Insight will ensure that the symbolic information for the current file is completely up-to-date before trying to lookup a symbol. This option comes into play when you are editing. Every time you type a character, Source Insight considers the symbol data for the file to be stale. If this option is enabled, then the file will be parsed after you type anything. If the option is disabled, then Source Insight will use the possibly stale sym­bol data for the current file. Enabling this option will make the symbol lookups more accurate, but it is slower. It will also cause the auto-completion window to appear slower. Most of the time, lookups work fine when this option is turned off.

Find symbols across different language types

If enabled, then Source Insight will lookup symbol definitions in any language, regardless of the source lan­guage. If unchecked (the default) then only symbols that are defined in the same language will be found.

Find symbols in open files not part of the current project

Symbols will be found in both the current project, and in any open files. It will find symbols in open files that are not part of the project. If this box is not checked, then only the current project and its files are searched.

Search symbol path if symbol is not found

If a symbol cannot be found in the current project, or any open file, then Source Insight will search the proj­ects listed in the project symbol path. If it does search the symbol path, then it searches through all projects in the symbol path.

Search symbol path, even if symbol is found in current project

When enabled, all projects in the symbol path are searched every time Source Insight looks up a symbol, even if the symbol was already found in either an open file or the current project. This is sometimes useful if you are working on an alternate version of a project, with many of the same symbol names. Looking up a par­ticular symbol in the current project will also show matches in the other projects on the symbol path.

If disabled, then Source Insight will only search the symbol path if a symbol was not already found in either an open file or the current project.

Project symbol path

The project symbol path is a delimited list of projects that Source Insight will search through when looking up a symbol. The project symbol path enables you to create smaller, self-contained projects, but still have the ability to locate symbols in other projects.

Each item in this list should be a full path name of a project. Project paths should be separated by a semi-colon. Remember to include the name of the project file in addition to the directory it is in.



The project symbol path is only used for locating the definitions of symbols external to the current project. It is not used for finding references to symbols, or for searching across multiple projects.

The Project > Import External Symbols command is a more powerful way to refer to symbols in external sources, such as assemblies, header file libraries, and other Source Insight projects. See: Import External Symbols.

Add to Project Path…

Click this button to pick a project to append to the exiting project symbol path.

Import Symbols for All Projects

Click this to import symbol information from external files and projects. The imported symbols are used by all projects. See: Import External Symbols.

Import Symbols in Current Project

Click this to import symbol information into the current project from external files and projects . See: Import External Symbols for Current Project.