Symbol Info

The Symbol Info command displays a pop-up window showing the definition of the symbol under the cursor. This is a quick way to check the definition of an identifier.

Symbol Name, Type, and Location

The symbol's name, type, and location are displayed at the top of the window.

Source File

The source file name and line number where the symbol is defined are displayed at the top left of the dialog box below the symbol name. If known, the symbol's size in lines is displayed also.

Text Window

This scrollable window contains the contents of the source file where the symbol is defined.


Click this to close the window.


Click this to close the Symbol Info window and jump to the symbol definition directly.


Click this button to search for references in the whole project to the symbol.

Leave File Open

Click this button to leave the file displayed in the list box open. This button is disabled if the file is already open. If you leave the file open, you can select the file name from Window menu after the window closes.