Searching Options

Specifies options for the Search commands.

Ask before replacing old Search Results

You are always prompted as to whether you want to replace or append to the existing Search Results, or to create a new Search Results file.

Always replace old Search Results

Any existing Search Results are thrown out and replaced with the new results.

Always append to old Search Results

The new search results are appended to the end of the current Search Results file as a new results set.

Automatically jump to first result.

When the searching is complete, Source Insight jumps to the first matching result. If disabled, then the first matching result in the Search Results window will be selected.

Automatically load selection into Find pattern.

The word under the cursor is automatically loaded into the Find pattern of the Search dialog boxes. If dis­abled, then the previous search pattern is preserved.

Reselect original lines after Replace operation.

The original whole-line selection is selected again after the Replace operation completes.