The Search command searches the current file or selection for a specified pattern.


Add the pattern you want to search for in this text box.


Click this to begin searching.


Click this to cancel the command.

Whole File

Click this button to search the whole file, from top to bottom, and place the search results in the Search Results window.


Click this button to open the Search Files dialog box, which lets you search across files.

Case Sensitive

Search will only find matches if the case matches exactly.

Use Regular Expressions

The Find pattern is assumed a regular expression. See: Regular Expressions.

Wrap Around

If enabled, the search continues at the beginning of the file when it reaches the end of the file. The search will wrap around only once. If not enabled, the search stops when it reaches the end of the file.

Select When Found

If enabled, Source Insight will select any characters that match when a match is found. If not enabled, Source Insight will put the insertion point before the first character of the matching text.

Whole Words Only

If enabled, then Source Insight only finds matches that are whole words. If not enabled, then Source Insight will also find matches that are embedded in words.

Search Scope

This group of options specifies the scope and the direction of the search.


Searches forward starting at the current selection. The search is always forward if Selection or Whole File is checked.


Searches backwards starting at the current selection.


Searches only the current selection, in the forward direction.

Whole File

Searches the whole file, in the forward direction.

If neither Selection nor Whole File is checked, then the search continues from the current selection point, either forward or backwards through the file.