Scroll Bar Options

This dialog sets the scroll bar options. The scroll bar can displays information about the file content inside the scroll bar.



Use enhanced vertical scroll bar

When selected, the vertical scroll bar has additional features. The options below apply only if this option is selected.


Waveform View

If the Show text contents option is enabled, then the file's contents are displayed symmetrically mirrored around the vertical center of the bar. This sometimes makes the shape of the contents stand out more.

Show symbol boundaries

Shows markers around the boundaries of functions, classes, and other declared blocks.

Show text contents

Shows a miniature version of the file's content inside the scroll bar. The scroll bar shows a "bird's eye" view of the whole file.

Show inactive lines

Inactive code is displayed in gray. Inactive is code is source code that is shown in the Inactive style because it resides inside an inactive preprocessor block, such as inside of a C or C++ #ifdef block.

Show change marks

Highlights the areas of edited text in the scroll bar. The miniature text appears in yellow.

Show active selection

Repeats the source window's selection inside the scroll bar.

Show bookmarks

Bookmark indicators appear in the scroll bar.

Enable hover messages

When you hover the mouse over the scroll bar, messages will appear to say what function or declared thing is at the mouse position. Also, dragging the "thumb" of the scroll bar will display the function at that current position of the thumb.

Enable scaling handles

Small handles at the top and bottom of the scroll bar thumb will appear. You can scale the window text by dragging the scaling handles up or down. Each source window has its own scaling factor.

Width in percent

This is the width of the scroll bar, expressed as a percentage of the standard scroll bar width. For example, if a standard Windows scroll bar appears 30 pixels wide, then setting this to 100% will make the Source Insight vertical scroll bar the same 30 pixels. Setting this to 200% will make it 60 pixels wide, and so on.

Color Options

This section affects the colors of the scroll bar parts.


The color of the miniature "text" inside the scroll bar.


The background color of the scroll bar. If the Color based on window box is checked, then the scroll bar's background color is based on the background color of the source file window.


The color of the symbol boundary markings.