Remove File

The Remove File command removes one or more source files from the current project. Note that the actual files are not deleted from the disk, but only removed from the project.

You can also remove files by using the Project File List window. Select the files in the list, right-click, and select "Remove File from Project".

File Name

Contains the name of the file to be removed from the project. You can also add a wildcard and press Enter to expand the wildcard into the file list.

File List

Contains a list of all project files in the current working directory. If you select a file from this list box, the file name is loaded into the File Name text box.


Click this button to remove the selected file from the project. If the File Name text box contains wildcard characters, the wildcards will be expanded and displayed in the File list box, and the dialog box will not be closed.

Select All

Click this button to select all the files contained in the file list.

Remove Dir

Click this button to remove the selected directory contents from the project.

Show Dirs

Click this button to toggle the list contents between showing file names, and showing subdirectory names. When the subdirectories are shown, this button changes to "Show Files".


Click this button to bring up the standard Open dialog box, which allows you to browse around your disks.


Click this to go to the Add Files dialog box.