Rebuild Project

The Rebuild Project command rebuilds the project data files. Source Insight creates the data files.

You may want to rebuild the project to get all the files re-parsed after a large change, or if you suspect the project data is not correct.

A project may become corrupted if Source Insight was abnormally aborted without closing the project.

The Rebuild Project dialog box also lists some statistics about your project. The number of symbol database records, symbol index entries, and files is displayed. This information is also output by the Project Report command.

There are three methods of rebuilding the project. The last method is recommended.

Re-Parse all source files

This simply scans all the files in the project, and re-parses them to update the symbol database. This is the slowest method. However, if you cancel the operation, the symbol database will be left intact, although it may be slightly out of date. If you cancel, you can continue to edit normally and the re-parsing will continue in the background. The symbol database will be at least as current as it was when you began the rebuild pro­cess.

Fix database file corruption, if any

This option scans the databases and ensures that the databases are in a legal, self-consistent state. However, some files or symbols may be missing from the databases after the rebuild is complete if you recently added or removed files from your project. This is the fast method. You should use this command if you suspect that your project is corrupted. Normally, Source Insight can detect if a project was not closed properly when it tries to open the project. If Source Insight detects that the project is corrupt, it will ask you if you want to rebuild the project. Source Insight will not knowingly allow you to open a corrupted project.

Re-Create the whole project from scratch (recommended)

This is the most thorough method of rebuilding the project, and it is the recommended method. This deletes all symbolic information about the project, and rescans all the source files to regenerate the symbol data­base from scratch. It may take more time than the Fix database file corruption method. If you cancel it, the symbol database will be only partly complete. Source Insight will only have knowledge of symbols in the files that have been scanned. The background synchronization will complete the parsing. Alternatively, you can complete the process by using the Project > Synchronize Files command.