Pick Window

Manages the list of open source windows and file buffers. It also lists file buffers that are not visible in any window.

You can use the Window List panel instead of this dialog. It is a mode-less version of this dialog.

Window list

Contains a list of all open source windows, and file buffers that may be open in the "background" that do not appear in a window. You can sort the window list by name or by recently-used order. To sort the list, click on the header titles at the top of the list.


Brings the selected window to the front.

Close Window

Closes the selected windows.


Saves the selected files.

Save As

Performs a Save As command on each selected file.


Minimizes the selected windows.


Restores the selected windows.

Tile Horiz

Tiles the selected windows horizontally so they are generally wider than they are tall

Tile Vert

Tiles the selected windows vertically so they are generally taller than they are wide.