Overview Options

This shows or hides the Overview scroller. The Overview shows a "bird's eye" view of your source file. It's a miniature version of your file that helps to orient you within a source file, or even within a long function. The Overview attaches to the side of a source window, like a scroll bar.



General Options

Displays the optional settings for the Overview scroller.


Enable hover messages

Enables popup source tips when the mouse hovers over the Overview.

Show bookmarks

Draws marks that represent the position of bookmarks in the text.

Show change marks

Draws marks that represent areas that have been edited in the text.

Show active selection

Shows highlighted text when you make a text selection in the source window.

Show code block nesting lines

Draws nesting lines around nested functions and code blocks.

Show all function boundaries

Draws boundaries marks around function bodies to show where functions are.

Show only current function boundary

Draws boundary marks around only the currently viewed function in the source window.

Text Scaling %

Sets the scaling percentage of the Overview text. It is typically something small, such as 10%. A settings of 100% would show the text full size as it appears in the source window.

Note: the width of the Overview can be adjusted by dragging its border with the mouse.


These set the colors of items in the Overview.

Use regular text colors of source window

Uses whatever text color is set for the source windows, instead of picking a custom color.

Use background color of source window

Uses whatever background color is set for the source windows, instead of picking a custom color.