New Project

The New Project command creates and opens a new project. See: Projects.

Since Source Insight allows only one project open at a time, Source Insight will ask you if it's okay to close the current project, before proceeding.

You will be asked for a project name, where the files should be stored, and what source files you want to add to the project.



New project name

Enter the name of your project. Enter a simple user-friendly name; do not enter a path name here. This is the name that will appear in the Open Project dialog. In the data folder (specified below this) Source Insight will create several data files that start with this name and have different extensions.

Where do you want to store the project data files?

Specify the full path of the project data file folder here. Source Insight will store all its project data in this folder, independently of your source files. You can specify the same folder as your source files, or use a sepa­rate location.

By default, Source Insight creates a sub-folder with the same name as the project inside your user document directory in the Projects folder. This is the recommended location.

For best performance and reliability, we recommend a local, non-networked drive for the project data direc­tory.

If you are creating a project that refers to source files on a shared server, or any other place that you do not have permission to write to, then you should create the project data on your local machine, preferably in the default proposed location.

After you answer these two questions, you will be taken to the Project Settings dialog. When the Project Set­tings dialog box appears, enter the location of the your source files into the project source directory field.See Project Settings.