Manage License

The Manage License dialog allows you to view your license information, enter a new serial number and acti­vate your license, or deactivate your license. The options available in this dialog depends on the current sta­tus of your license and whether it is a Trial or Regular license.

To Begin a Trial

Choose "Begin a Trial". After you finish filling out some basic information, Source Insight will connect to the Source Insight licensing system and issue you a trial license. You can continue to use Source Insight for 30 days.

To Begin Using a Purchased License

Choose "Enter a purchased serial number" to enter your license serial number. Source Insight will connect to the Source Insight licensing system to validate the license and activate it on your machine. You will not have to activate it again.

To Deactivate a License

If you no longer want to run Source Insight on your machine, or would rather use it on a different machine, we recommend deactivating your license. If your license is deactivated, you can activate it again with the same serial number on a new machine. Deactivating reduces your activation count so that you can activate it on another machine.

License Activation General Information

Source Insight requires activation over the Internet to run. Once you install and launch Source Insight, you will be prompted to either enter a serial number or start a new Trial license.

When prompted, please enter your name and email address. This information is optional but highly recom­mended so you will be able to retrieve your license if you should lose it. This also allows us to notify you if any important updates are available.

See: Activating Source Insight.

If you have any problems or questions about the activation process, please email us at info@sourcein­