Logging Options

This dialog sets options for Source Insight's application logging. Source Insight can maintain a log file that is useful for debugging issues with Source Insight.

Checking Level

This option is only available in special "debugging" builds of Source Insight. This specifies the amount of internal checking that is performed.

Log user commands

Every time you issue a command in Source Insight, the command is logged to the file.

Log file names

When you open or save perform some operation on a file, the file name is logged to the log file. If you are con­cerned with the secrecy of your file names, then you should not check this box.

Show Assertion Failure messages

If a debugging check fails, an "assertion failed" message box will appear with some debugging information. Even if this is not checked, the assertion failure information is still logged to the file.

Output to log file

Enables logging to the log file. If this is not checked, then no logging is performed. The name of the current log file is displayed to the right. It is typically named SI.LOG, or SI2.LOG etc. Multiple the number is incre­mented if more than one instance of Source Insight is running.

Open log file in notepad

Click this to open the current log file in Notepad.

Empty the log file

Click this to empty the log file to start over.