Link Window

The Link Window command links the current window to another window so that they scroll together. This command lets you specify what window is linked.

Once you link the current window to another window, scrolling the current window will scroll the linked win­dow.

If the Two Way check box is on, then the windows are linked together so that scrolling either of them will scroll the other. However, if the check box is off, then this is a one-way link. Scrolling the linked window will not scroll the other one.



Link A to B.

Window A has a link to window B. Scrolling win­dow A will cause windows A and B to scroll, but not the other way around.

Link A to B to C

Windows may be linked to windows that are in turn linked to other windows. Scrolling window A, will cause all windows to scroll. Scrolling win­dow B will scroll B and C.

Window links can even be circular. In other words, a window may be indirectly linked to itself. This is some­times useful to get all the linked windows to scroll; regardless of what window you actually caused to scroll. Another way to get all windows to scroll is to use the Link All Windows command to turn on the Link All Win­dows mode, or just turn on the Two Way check box.

Line Window To

This list contains all windows, other than the current window. Select the window you want to link to here. Select <none> if you want to unlink the window.

Two Way

Turn this on to link both windows so that scrolling either of them will scroll the other.   Turn this off to only perform a one-way link.