Folder Options

This command activates the Folders page of the Preferences dialog box. It allows you to specify the location of various data folders used by Source Insight. These options are saved as part of the current configuration.

Folder Options Dialog box



Main User Data Folder

This is the main folder for storing Source Insight information on your machine. Source Insight creates several sub folders inside this folder. If you make a change to this, then all the sub folders that appear below it in this dialog box are automatically updated.

By default, this folder is Documents\Source Insight 4.0. As such, there is a separate folder for each user on the machine.

You may want to change this folder location if you prefer to have your personal "Documents" folder on a net­work drive. Source Insight can become slow if it has to constantly access data across the network. In that case, you should change the folder location to a folder somewhere on you local machine.

Settings Folder

This is the folder that will contain you configuration files, which has your customizations.

Projects Folder

This is folder that will contain your project data files. Each project will have a sub folder within this folder.

Backup Folder (for non-Projects)

This is the folder where backup source files are saved when you do not have a project open.

Clips Folder

This is the folder that will contain clips, which are accessed from the Clips Window.