File Compare Window Options

This sets the options for the File Compare window. See: File Compare.



Display in Mono Font View

Displays the source code in mono font view, which uses a mono-spaced font and no other font formatting or size changes. This helps to align right and left files horizontally.

Show line numbers

Shows line numbers at the left of each line.

Show code block nesting lines

Shows code block nesting lines the same as in regular source windows.

Show difference list

Shows the difference list window on the left size of the File Compare window. The difference list contains the list of differences in the file, and what symbols the differences are within.

Show vertical scroll bar

Shows the vertical scroll bar for each file window.

Show Overview

Shows the Overview scroller control on the right edge of each file window.

Allow edits

Enables the "Copy Line Left" and "Copy Line Right" commands, which copy whole line difference blocks to either the left or right file. This option is disabled by default for safety.


Sets the display scaling of the File Compare windows. You can also hold down Ctrl and use the mouse wheel to affect the scaling.

Diff Command....

Sets the external diff command that performs the diff operation. Source Insight comes with its own sidiff.exe tool that performs the diff operation. You can substitute your own tool as long as its output is compatible with Unix diff tools.