Export Project To HTML

This command generates HTML versions of your source files. It creates a snapshot of your source code project that can be viewed with a web browser for online browsing and reference.

The resulting HTML files will look a lot like the source files displayed inside of Source Insight. The HTML files will retain most of the syntax formatting. Identifiers that appear in the source code will have hyperlinks to definitions.



Destination Folder

Enter the path to the directory where the HTML files will be output.

HTML file extension

Enter the file extension you want the HTML files to have. This is typically .htm or .html.

Create 'Table of Contents' page

Check this to create a single Table of Contents page with links to all the source files.

Use external CSS files (vs. embedded styles)

Causes a single cascading style sheet (CSS) file to be output that contains formatting definitions. If this box is not checked, then the style declarations are inlined into each output HTML file.

The style formatting closely matches the formatting as it appears in Source Insight.

Include Hyperlinks to symbol declarations

This causes each identifier reference to have a hyperlink to its definition. For example, you will be able to click on the function name in a function call, and the browser will jump to the function's definition.

Link Symbol Types...

Click this button to select which types of symbols should have hyperlinks. For example, you can choose to link function names, class names, class member names, and others.